GoProof - Sending a Proof Help Sheets

Sending a Proof - The Basics
GoProof has many different features and tools which for sending a proof for for review. Discover the basics here.
GoProof User Roles
This article will explain what the different types of GoProof Users and their role within the GoProof system.
Creating a Client
Before you can send a proof for review, you must have created a client and project.
Sending a Proof to Different Teams
Learn how to send a proof to different teams using the same file.
Sending a Proof as Confidential
This article will assist you on how to send a proof as confidential.
Sending Proof with Sign Off from Email
This article will assist you in allowing your gatekeeper to sign off the proof via email.
Sending a Proof to a Copy Editor
Learn how to send a proof to a copy editor.
Editing the Proof Name
This article will assist you on how to edit the proof name before sending it for review.
Creating a Group of Collaborators
This article will assist you in creating a group of collaborators.
Editing Collaborator Details
Discover how to edit the details of your collaborators; name, email address, role, contact numbers and language.
Sending a Range of Pages
This article will assist you on how to send a page or range of pages as a proof from a multi-page document.
Adding a Deadline to a Proof
This article is intended to guide you through setting a proof deadline, action and reminder.
Sending a Project
Sending a Project allows a proof sender to send multiple individual proofs but only send a single email to a collaborator.
Customising the Invitation Email Sent to Collaborators
Discover how to add your own subject line and message to the invitation email that will be sent to the collaborators.
Enabling the Account Manager Workflow
This article will assist you in enabling the account manager workflow for the company.
Sending a Proof to an Account Manager
This article will assist you in sending a proof to an Account Manager.
Setting all Proofs as Confidential
Discover how to set all proofs within your company to be sent as confidential.
Putting a Proof into the 'On Hold' Status
Follow these three steps if you need to put a proof back into the 'On Hold' status.
What Account Managers do When they Receive a Proof
This article will guide you through.
Sending Multiples Proofs
Discover how to send multiple files for review using the GoProof Adobe Extension.
Sending a Video for Review
Learn how to send a video for review using the GoProof Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro.
Add Other Files to a Project
Learn how to add other files to a Project using the GoProof Extension.
Reviewing a Website
Learn how to send a website for review using the GoProof Uploader.
Changing the Language
Learn how to chang the language of a GoProof account.
Icons in the Proof Dashboard
Discover what each of the proof icons represent on the Proof dashboard.
Viewing Proofs in a List, a Grid or a Flipbook
Discover how to view your proofs in a list, a grid or a flipbook in the dashboard.
Creating and Managing Share Links
Discover how to generate share links and choose the best type for your needs.
Enabling Simple Proofing
Discover how to enable simple proofing so that collaborators only use one tool when reviewing.
Putting a Proof Back in Review
Discover how to put the same version of a proof back into review.
Changing my Notification Settings
Learn how to enable and disable your GoProof notification settings.
Sharing Files with the Collaborators
Discover how to share files with the collaborators when sending your proof.