Creating and Managing Share Links

In GoProof you can grab share links and paste them wherever you want. This article will assist you with how to generate share links for your proof and choose the best type of share link for your needs.

This feature is only available to Publisher users.

Before proceeding, make sure you are familiar with Sending a proof - the basics.

There are two ways in generating the share link which you can provide to your colleagues and clients via email or any instant messaging platform.

From the Share icon on the Proofs dashboard

Use this option for existing proofs, regardless of its proof status.

GoProof Share Link - Send Proof Wizard - Web

From the Share link option in the Send proof wizard

Use this option when you are in the process of sending your proof.

GoProof Share Link - Send Proof Wizard - Extension

The type of share link you choose depends on the level of access you want to give to your collaborators.
GoProof Share Link - Proof Dashboard
  • Anyone
    This is an openly public link that you can literally paste anywhere on the web for people to access the proof. The only restriction is the collaborator has to verify their email address for security purposes.
  • Specific collaborators
    The specific collaborator's link option will only work for collaborators who have already been personally invited to the proof. The invitations are done in the normal way, so either by the proof sender when sending the proof out or by the Gatekeeper using the Collaborators tab within the proof. Any user that receives the link can request access, this will need to be approved by one of the proof controllers.
  • Confidential proofing
    This is the strictest level of access and requires collaborators to be invited to the proof first – like the specific collaborators – but also enter their secure email address and password. If they don’t have a collaborator account they will be asked to create one. All of these requires approval.

Note: To learn how the share link works for collaborators, visit Using the share links.