GoPublish Help Sheets

How Do I Log into GoPublish?
Learn how to log into GoPublish.
Create a New Issue within my Publication
Learn how to create a new issue within your publication.
How Do I Assign a Document?
Learn how to assign a document in GoPublish.
How Do I Check a Document Out and In?
Checking a document out and in.
How Do I Delete a Document?
Learn how to delete a document.
How Do I Detach a Document?
Learn how to detach a document.
Output PDFs from GoPublish
Output PDFs from GoPublish
Revert Back to a Previous Document Version
Revert back to a previous document.
Accessing the GoPublish Palette
Discover how to access the GoPublish palette.
Edit an Existing Issue Name or Date
Learn how to make edit an existing issue name or date.
Export a Tracked Document
Discover how to export a tracked document from GoPublish.