Output PDFs from GoPublish

This support article is intended to guide you through outputting your InDesign documents to PDF format.

Click on the GoPublish menu and select Output PDFs.

Select the GoPublish menu
Select Output PDFs
The Output PDFs window will open displaying all the options for exporting PDFs from the system. First choose the correct publication and issue.

From the options choose how you wish to have the PDFs generated:

Options: This allows you to choose which documents have PDFs generated. You can select from All, Range or individual Pages. A Book PDF can also be generated.

PDF Per: This allows you to decide how you would like the PDFs delivered.

Document will generate a PDF per InDesign Document i.e. if you have 10 InDesign documents in your selection you will receive 10 PDFs.

Spread will generate PDFs based on the amount of spreads you have within in your selection.

Pages will generate a PDF for every single page that lies within the selection.

Scripts: External scripts can be used to manipulate the PDFs when generated.

Presets: InDesign Presets can be used when generating the PDFs.

The options for exporting PDFs
After choosing the most suitable options click Output.

A message will appear telling you how many documents are in the selection, click Proceed />

A save window will now appear asking you to choose the location the PDFs should be saved too.

Choose the save location for the PDFs
The PDFs will now be generated. This may take a few minutes depending on the selection made.

The generation has finished
When the generation has finished the PDFs will be available in the location chosen in the earlier steps.