Editing a Story in InDesign

Before proceeding, ensure you are familiar with the following: Accessing the GoProof extension in the Adobe Apps and Creating a story in InDesign.

Step 1.
Make sure your InDesign document and the GoProof extension are open.

Step 2.
Select a text frame that you have added to a story, bring up the right-click menu, select the GoProof sub-menu and then select the Edit InCopy Text option.

GoProof Edit InCopy Text InDesign

Step 3.
The story will be checked out for editing and it will be locked for the copy editors.

Note: If your selected story is currently checked out by a copy editor, a warning message will be displayed in the extension.

Step 4.
Edit your document and once you are done, bring up the right-click menu again, select the GoProof sub-menu, then select the Submit InCopy Text option and confirm.

GoProof Submit InCopy Text InDesign

Step 5.
Should you wish to discard the changes you have made for some reason, select the Abort Changes option instead and confirm.

Note: Editable text frames will display a green T icon and when edited, the text frames will display a red T icon.

Once you have submitted or aborted your changes, the story will be checked back in and locked for editing, displaying a no symbol over the green T icon.

To learn how to submit your story text changes, visit Submitting story text changes.


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