Viewing Files Attached to a Proof

Before proceeding, make sure you are familiar with Reviewing a proof - the basics.

Files added by the Publisher

Step 1.
Open the proof and click on the Shared files icon in the toolbar to view the files attached to the proof by the Publisher.

GoProof Shared Files

Step 2.
Click on a file to download it to your machine and view it.

Files added by other Collaborators

Step 1.
Open the proof and go to the Comments tab in the side panel

Step 2.
Click on the paper clip icon to open the Attachments window.

GoProof Comments Attachment

Step 3.
Click on the attachment name to download it to your machine. Alternatively, click on the Preview link, if supported.

Note: To learn how to add an attachment to your comments, visit Adding an attachment to a new comment.

Note: We currently do not have the option to download all of the shared files in one go. This feature has been requested to the development team so watch this space.