GoProof - Collaborating on a Proof Help Sheets

Reviewing a Proof - The Basics
Discover the basics of reviewing a proof.
Question Comment and Collaborator Mentions
Learn how to use the question comment and how to mention other collaborators when reviewing a proof.
Filtering Unread Comments and Mentions
Learn how to filter unread comments and collaborator mentions when reviewing a proof.
Adding an Attachment to a New Comment
Learn how to add file attachments when creating proof comments.
Editing Proof Text
Learn how to edit proof text and submit your copy changes back.
Viewing Files Attached to a Proof
Learn how to view files attached to the proof.
Viewing Previous Versions and Comments
View the previous versions and comments of a proof.
Viewing a Summary of the Proof
Learn where you can find the summary of the proof you are reviewing.
Printing off your Proof and Comments
Learn how to print off your proof and any comments that have been made against it.
Adding More Collaborators to a Proof in Review
Adding more collaborators to a proof in review.
Viewing Proofs in a List, Grid or Flipbook
Learn how to view your proofs in a list, a grid or a flipbook in the dashboard.
Changing the Language of GoProof
Learn how to change the language of a GoProof account.
Proof Dashboard Icons
Discover the different proof icons represent on the Proof dashboard.
GoProof User Roles
Discover the different types of GoProof users and their roles.
Reviewing a Proof with Simple Proofing
Discover how to use the simplified GoProof tools to review a proof.
Using the Share Links
Learn how to use the proof share links provided to you by the proof sender.
Changing the Notification Settings
Learn how to enable and disable your GoProof notification settings.