Sending a Proof

Sending creative content to your clients and team has never been as easy. Get that all-important sign off or gather feedback directly from your contributors, in a central and easy to manage list that you can pass back to your designers to make the necessary changes.

To send a Proof:
  • Open the Project you wish to send a proof from. You can do this from the My Projects section in the Oppolis Cloud dashboard.
  • Click on the Proof quick link.

Tip: If you are not seeing the quick links, make sure that your quick links option is enabled. It is enabled when the slider option is moved to the right, as shown in the above image.

  • The wizard for the task type you have selected should appear.
  • Upload the file you wish to send a proof with.
  • Enter the proof name and the starting page (if applicable). You can also add other files as attachments to the proof if needed. Note that the proof name can be different to the document's file name. Click Next.
  • Select your proofing workflow. Choose between Collaborator and Manager.

Tip: Select the Collaborator workflow if you are sending the proof directly to the clients or your reviewers. If you need to send the proof to a Project Manager, Leader or Administrator first before it reaches the clients or your reviewers, select the Manager workflow.

Collaborator workflow:

Select your Contributors from the provided list or enter their email in the field provided. Make sure to select the appropriate role for your collaborator and click Next.

Tip: A proof sender is usually a designer/creative and by default, it is assigned the Publisher role. A collaborator can be assigned any of these roles: As a Reviewer, they are able to add their comments and feedback to a proof, as a Gatekeeper, they are like Reviewers but with more responsibilities. They are the last person in the workflow responsible for sending the proof back to the Publishers to request amendments or sign proofs off the proof once they are happy with them, and as an Observer, they have no option to add any comments or feedback to a proof but can see what is happening to it.

Manager workflow:

Select your Manager(s) from the provided list and click Next.

  • Once you have chosen your proof workflow, you will be given options to add your own subject line and message to the default proof notification email. You can also add a deadline and/or automated reminders for your reviewers in the proof. Click Send Proof to send your proof to your users.

Tip: When adding a deadline to the proof, you will be given the following options: Leave Review Open which allows contributors to continue adding comments to the proof even after the deadline has passed, Request Changes which ends the review round, no new comments can be added and the proof is returned to the designer automatically to make and amends or Sign Off which ends the review round, no new comments can be added and the proof is returned to the designer automatically as finished and no amends are required.

Once the proof has been sent, it will appear in the Section with the following proof status: In Review if sent directly to reviewers or Pending Review if sent to Managers.

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