How to Integrate GoVersion with GoProof

This support article is intended to guide you through integrating GoVersion when sending a proof using GoProof.

Note: In order you use GoVersion with GoProof, you need an active GoProof account and the GoProof and GoVersion extension installed on your machine.

1. Send the proof to your collaborators in the usual way. However, during the Send Proof Wizard process, when you see the below screen.

2. Under the GoVersion section of the Send Proof screen, check the box Save a CC document version of this proof.

3. Continue with the GoProof wizard as normal, following any on screen prompts.

4. A new version of the document will be added to GoVersion.

That’s it. you have saved a new version of your document to GoVersion.

To restore a previous version of the document see: How do I Restore a previous version of a document?

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