Create a New Client or Project

This support article is intended to guide you through creating a new Client or Project.

What is a GoVersion Client and Project?

Clients are the companies or people you are designing for, such as Pepsi or AT&T.

Projects are the creative work you are designing for your client. This could be a sales brochure, some web banners or a logo for example.

Follow the steps below to create a Client and Project.

1. Open the GoVersion Extension. Windows > Extension > GoVersion

2. To create a new Client click the + next to the first dropdown.

3.  Enter a name for your Client and click Create.

4. To create a Project, first select the Client that the Project will belong to.

5. click the + next to the second dropdown.

Note: In order to create a new Project, you must have selected the Client first.

6. Enter a name for your Project and click Create.

That’s it! You have created Your Client and Project!

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