Updating the automatic page numbers
If a document contains automatic page numbers and there are pagination changes, the document needs to be opened in order to refresh its page numbers. This is time consuming especially if there is a lot of pagination changes.
Use the Re-Number Pages option for this situation and it will automatically update the page numbers in the document without having to open them all.

1. Make sure you are logged in to GoPublish.

2. While in the GoPublish menu select the Re-Number Pages option.

Re-number pages option

3. Select the Publication and/or Issues that needs to be renumbered in the Renumbered Edition Pages window.

Renumbered Edition Pages window

4. Select the Checkin if page number stays the same checkbox if needed.

5. Click Renumber to start the update and click Yes to proceed with the update.

6. Click OK once done.

Page Renumbering Progress window

That's it! Your page numbers have now been updated.