Revert Back to a Previous Document Version

This support article is intended to guide you through reverting to a previous version of a document.

When a document is checked in the previous  version of the document is moved and stored as a revision.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to revert back to an old revision.

To revert back to a previous revision you will need to do the following:

1. From the GP-Planning  palette select the document you wish to revert.

2. Right/CTRL click to bring up the contextual menu and select Document then select History.

3. The history window will appear. This lists all the revisions made from the document.

Note: Only a finite number of revisions are stored before they become recycled to make way for new revisions. Contact Oppolis to find out your limit.

4. To decide which revision you need, select one and then click View.

5. This will then ask you to save a copy of a document for you to view. You can save this anywhere you wish.

6. After checking the version is correct return back to the History window by following the above steps. Select the revision you wish to revert to and then click Revert.

7. The revision will be opened up into InDesign for you to check.

8. To complete the process check the document in. This will make the revision you have open the current document.

9. The history window now shows the revision as a new version, it also lets you know which revision it was reverted from.