Linking shared images

To make sure that images in your GoPublish documents are linked correctly and are of the same quality as when it was added, the images will need to be accessible to all GoPublish users via a shared location.

Set-up for each GoPublish User

1. Open Adobe InDesign and go to the InDesign menu on the top-left corner of the screen.

2. Select Preferences and then More GoPublish Settings. The GoPublish preferences window should appear.

3. In the Shared Folder Location field, click on the ellipsis button and choose the shared location where the images will be in for your GoPublish documents.

4. Click OK to save your settings changes.

5. Check out a document and add the images as normal, making sure that the images are from the shared folder location. Notice that the file path for the linked image will show your machine's name.

6. Check in the document as normal.


1. When checking out a document after linked images were checked in by another GoPublish user, a window will appear informing you about the links.

2. Click Yes to relink the shared images.

3. When you check the file path for the shared images, it will show your machine's name which means they were relinked successfully.

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