Importing and Exporting a Tracked Document

Discover how to import and export a tracked document from GoPublish as well as the best time to use them.

Export a tracked document

If you are having issues with your internet connection or prefer to work offline, simply use this option so that you can lock the document and continue working on it. Once done, simply import it back into GoPublish.

1. Right-click on the selected documents within the GoPublish palette.

2. Select Document > Export selected Documents.

3. Enable Set Status and select the status you want to set the document to after the export has been completed.

4. Change the export option to Tracked. This will allow the documents to be imported back into GoPublish at a later time.

5. Click Export and select the folder location you want to export the tracked document to.

6. Once the export process has finished, a confirmation report is displayed.

7. Browse to the folder you exported the documents to.

That’s It! You have exported your documents from GoPublish.

Import a tracked document

Use this option when importing your tracked document which you have exported previously. The document is locked to you and therefore, your imported changes will be the latest changes in the document.

1. Make sure you are logged in to GoPublish and there are no open documents in InDesign.

2. From the GoPublish Menu and click on the Import option.

Import option

3. When prompted, select the folder where your tracked document is saved and then select Choose.

4. Click Yes when prompted to proceed with the importing of the edited document back into GoPublish.

5. You will then see the Check-In Layout window to complete the import process.

Check In Layout window

6. Click OK once done.

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