How Do I View a Flat Plan?

This support article is intended to guide you through viewing a GoPublish flat plan.

The view plan has been designed to allow users to view documents or plan items in the plan without having to edit it.

To view a flat plan follow the steps below.

1. Login to the GoPublish Planning app.

2. Click My Publications.

3. Select the Publication from the left hand side.


4. Select the issue you want to view.


5. Click View Plan.

The flat plan will open where you will be able to see any plan items and documents that have been added to the plan.

Select the View Mode dropdown to view and how the plan content should be displayed. Whether it’s the documents or the plan items that you wish to see.

Note: Having only the plan items ticked will hide the document previews and only show the plan items. likewise, Having only Documents ticked will only show the documents within the issue.

In the middle of the toolbar lies an information section. This describes the plan usage. It states how many documents are part of the plan, how many plan items there are and which types they are.

The view plan can also be used to gain a PDF preview of documents. To view a PDF double click on a document preview. The default web browser will be opened and a PDF displayed. The PDF can then be printed, emailed or simply dismissed.

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