How Do I Make Pagination Changes to a Flat Plan?

This support article is intended to guide you through making pagination changes to a GoPublish flat plan.

If you need to rearrange pages within a flat plan, please follow the steps below.

1. Login to the GoPublish Planning app.

2. Click My Publications.

3. Select the Publication from the left hand side.

4. Select the issue you want to view.

5. Click Edit Plan.

6. To move a document or a plan item first select it then drag it to a new location. The new location must not be occupied and must also have enough room to accommodate the selected range.

Note: Multiple documents can also be moved at the same time. Holding the shift key down whilst making your selection will highlight a range of items.

7. To place the item, let go of the mouse button.

8. If there is no available space within the plan then the placeholder in the toolbar can be used to temporarily hold your documents whilst you make space.

9. Shuffling can also be used to move plan items. This is useful for moving large areas of the plan at once to accommodate an item.

10. Take the document selection and position it at the start point of the pages you wish to occupy.

11. Hold down the CMD/CTRL key (Mac/Windows) and a green line with a ‘+‘ symbol will appear indicating that you can place the items if there is enough space for them to occupy.

12. Save any changes to the plan before closing.

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