How Do I Log into GoPublish Enterprise?

This support article is intended to guide you through logging into GoPublish Enterprise.


1. Launch Adobe InDesign.

2. Select the GoPublish menu from the menu bar.

3. Select the Log On… option.

4. The login window will appear. Login using the credentials provided to you by Oppolis and click OK.

5. After logging into the system you will need to open the GoPublish Palette. This is done by clicking on the InDesign Window Menu.

6.  Select GP-Planning.

7. The GoPublish palette will appear displaying any publications, issues and documents you may have.


1. Launch the GoPublish Flat Plan application.

2. Enter the login credentials provided to you by Oppolis and click Logon.

3. Click My Publications.

4. The My Publications screen will display all the publications and issues available to you. Select View or Edit your plan.

That’s it. You have logged into GoPublish.