How Do I Check a Document Out and In?

This support article is intended to guide you through checking your document out of or into GoPublish Enterprise.

Choose from the options below for instructions on how to Check out or Check in a GoPublish document.


To work with a document in the GoPublish system it needs to be Checked Out.

1. Login to GoPublish and Open the GP-Planning Palette.

2. Using the drop lists select the Publication and Issue the document is a part of.

3. Double click on a document from the GP-Planning palette.

Note: When a document is checked out it becomes locked to that user. This means no other user can open the document whilst the current user is making amendments.

4. The document will now open up into InDesign for you to edit.

All Done! Make your edits as normal using the InDesign tools, then check your document back into GoPublish.


After making edits to the document it will need to be checked in to update the GoPublish system.

1. Open the Go Publish menu and select Check In Document.

2. The Check-in window allows you to review the documents workflow status e.g. Ready for Repro, Ready for Review.

3. When you have chosen the status click OK to save your changes to GoPublish.

4. A new version of the document will be created with the old version being stored, should you need to revert to it.

5. During the document check-in process, previews and PDFs are generated for use within the system.

Once the check-in process is complete the document is now unlocked ready for the next user.

That’s It! Once you have finished with the document, you will need to check it back in to GoPublish.

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