How Do I Assign a Document?

This support article is intended to guide you through assigning a document to a flat plan.

Assigning a document to GoPublish allows the system to manage the document workflow.

How to Assign a document:

1. Open InDesign and Login to GoPublish.

2. Create a new document or open an existing document.

3. Select the GoPublish menu and then select Assign Layout.

4. The Assign Document options will now appear.

a) Choose the correct publication and issue for the document to be assign to.

b) Select the starting page number you wish to assign the document to.

Note: Make sure there are enough free pages within the plan to accommodate the document.

c) Give the document a name and select the workflow status you wish to enter the document at. Click OK.

5. Select the Window menu then select GP Editions.

6. Select the publication and issue that the document was assigned into.

7. The document will now be added to the GoPublish system. The GoPublish palette will now update and display the newly assigned document.

Note: The GoPublish palette displays the users name against the document when they have it open. Close the document to allow other users to open it.

That’s It! Once you have finished with the document, you will need to check it back in to GoPublish.