Create a New Issue from a Template

This support article is intended to guide you through creating a new issue from an existing template.

A new issue is created using the GoPublish Planning application.

1. Login to the GoPublish Planning App.

2. Click My Publications.

3. Select the publication that you want to create a new issue for from the list on the left.

4. Once selected click on the + button in the bottom right corner.

5. The New Issue window is displayed.

GoPublish Issue from template

6. Select Create Issue from Template and fill in the following details.

Template: Select the template you want to base the new issue from.
Name: Give the issue a name (use alpha-numeric, dashes and underscores only)
Issue Number: An issue number can be supplied (optional)
Volume Number: A volume number can be supplied (optional)
Publishing Date: The date of the issue, this places the issue in chronological order within the issue list
Copy Docs: Select if you wish to copy the documents from the template too.

7. After clicking ok the issue will be created and will appear in the list.

That’s it! You have created your new issue within your publication. Click the Edit Plan button to begin editing the issue.

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