Archiving your GoPublish issue
Learn how to archive your GoPublish issues after publishing them or just to free up some storage space.

1. Once logged in to GoPublish, open the GP-Planning panel from the Window menu.

2. Hold the Alt key on your keyboard and right-click within the GP-Planning panel to bring out the Context menu.

3. While still holding the Alt key, select Documents and then Batch Archive.

Batch Archive option

4. From the Batch Archive window, select the publication(s) and issue(s) you wish to archive. You can also choose whether to keep or remove the current version of the documents and their respective previews.

5. Click on the Show Issues button to show you the list of issues you are archiving.

Batch Archive window

5. Click Archive to start the archiving process and then select Yes to proceed when a pop-up window appears.

6. Choose the location on your machine where the archived issue(s) will be saved

7. Click OK to finish.

You have now archived the issue(s) to your selected location on your machine.

Note that the History of the documents of your archived issue in GP-Planning will show as Not available and/or have no Previews depending on your selection in the Batch Archive window.

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