Importing a Previous Version of a Story

This feature is currently only available in Adobe InDesign.

Before proceeding, ensure you are familiar with Viewing the history of a story.

Step 1.
Select the version you would like to revert to from the Version dropdown in the History panel.

GoProof InDesign History Version Selector

Step 2.
Click on the Import button at the bottom of the panel.

GoProof InDesign History Import

Step 3.
Click on the Unlock and Import button.

GoProof InDesign History Unlock and Import

Step 4.
Go back to your story list by clicking on the story name on the top left corner of the panel.

Step 5.
Click on the check mark icon to submit the changes you have just made.

GoCopy InDesign Submit All Text Edits

Step 6.
You will then have the option to Submit your text changes to create the next version or Abort to discard them.

GoCopy InDesign Submit Text Changes

Note: To learn more on how to edit a story as a publisher, visit Editing a story in InDesign.

To learn how to edit a story as a copy editor, visit Editing a story in InCopy.


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