Importing Text Changes from InCopy

Content Update Available

This pop up message will appear if you are in the Projects tab within the GoProof extension.

GoProof Content Update Available InDesign

Clicking on Yes will redirect you to the Stories tab.

New Copy Available

This pop up message will appear if you are in the Stories tab within the GoProof extension.

GoCopy InDesign New Copy Available

Note: The New Copy Available pop-up message will display the comment from the copy editor, if there is one, provided and the version of the changes you are importing.

To import the text changes, simply click on the Import button and it will update your document.

Should you wish to import the changes later, you can click on the Cancel button and continue working as normal. A yellow triangle icon will appear beside the story name where changes have been made by someone else but your copy has not been updated yet.

GoCopy InDesign Import All

To import all of the text changes at the same time, click on the Import all button located at the bottom of the extension.

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