Adding a Project

A Project sits within your Space and can have any number of jobs and tasks assigned to it. You can keep track or manage your tasks within and also share it with other users for collaborative work.

To create a Project:

  • From the Oppolis Cloud dashboard, click on the Add a project quick link.
  • Tip: If you are not seeing the quick links, make sure that your quick links option is enabled. It is enabled when the slider option is moved to the right, as shown in the above image.
  • The Add a project wizard should appear.
  • Select the Space you wish to create the Project into and Next.
  • Enter the Project name in the field provided and click Next.
  • Add your users by clicking Add a user.
  • Enter the names and email addresses of your users, allocate them as either members or guests and click Done.

Tip: To know more about the Members and Guests roles, and the Admin, Editor and Observer project roles, visit User roles for guidance.

  • Click Let's go! to finish your set-up.

You can now add tasks to your newly created Project!

To create a new Space for your Projects, visit Creating a space for guidance.